Native American Peoples Justice Watch
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The fight to stop racism in America & Around the world against Native Americans

This website is dedicated to all who have suffered the racism against White America. 
This website is dedicated to all of those non-natives who support our voice against racism.
This website is dedicated to the many who will be abused, jailed, and assaulted in the future by White America.
This website will expose those who betray the laws of America and the world citing racism, prejudice, profiling, and abuse.  And those who use the internet to slander and stalk, or exploit native culture for personal gain without the permission of interested parties.

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Year 2005
In Liberal. Kansas A police officer arrests a Native American for trespassing in a bar where hostile whites cry out "No Indians Aloud"
Logan Ohio a young 5th grade student says he would like to go back in time and "kill all of the Indians"  After invesigating this issue, the teacher, principle and assistant principle acted responsibly in dealing with this issue.  After this situation, two Native American men were invited to put on a demonstration regarding ethnic Indian culture and beliefs.  This situation was explioted by an individual to bring attention to an "Indian" website which operates for personal profit.  This individual was prohibited from entering the school
Year 2002
In Phoenix, AZ a young Native American chased into the Salt River Reservation by city police stops and gets out of the car only to be shot to death.
Year 2000
In Rapid City, SD an employer tells a Native American, "cut your hair and I may hire you"
Year 1994
Radio Host Rush Limbaugh says" All Indians are savages and will always be savages,..look even one of their leaders is named Mankiller" (He laughs)
Year 1993
In Sacramento a Native American disappears off the earth and all the police agencies deny jurisdiction.